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About The Park School

Here at The Park School, we are unique in our rural location away from the distractions of urban or city life. Encouraging and giving students the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and go offline for a while.

Our community offers a wonderful inclusive Irish welcome. We are based in the Heritage Town of Strokestown, steeped in Irish history and the location for Ireland’s National Famine Museum. Strokestown Park House is one of few properties that remain to tell the story of our history and now provide the community with the wonderful park grounds for recreation and relaxation.

Coming to rural Ireland is an experience that leaves students with a new view of the world outside their home country and opens their eyes to the possibilities that learning the English language can give them.

Our Schools

Our local schools are small, but our encouragement and guidance are huge! We are all about students realising their full potential and having fun as they reach their goals. We collaborate closely with our schools to monitor the development and wellbeing of each student and offer monthly reports to parents and guardians.

All schools are working under the guidance and regulation of the Irish Government’s Department of Education & Skills, and students work within the guidelines and requirements of a national curriculum.

Our schools adopt a holistic approach to education, enabling each student to reach their full potential in all areas – intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and cultural.

We encourage all our students to join extracurricular activities and to participate in the many national competitions that our schools partake in. Learning while having fun is also important to us.

The Great Outdoors

Making us stand out from the rest is our unique central location.

We are based in rural Co. Roscommon, in beautiful rolling countryside with Lakes, Canals, Forests and Mountains to explore.

Our location is also just an hour from the famous waves and beaches of Co. Sligo where some of the best surfing waves in Europe can be found, or 90mins from the famous Stairway to Heaven in the UNESCO Global Geopark at the Marble Arch Caves in Fermanagh.

While coming to Ireland to study and improve English is the focus, there must also be an element of fun, try new sports, choose new hobbies, develop new friendships and experience life as an Irish teenager.

During your students stay in Ireland, host families will include them in all they do and encourage them to enjoy the great outdoors through sports and leisure time spent together.

Why Choose Us

We offer something different with extra tuition, a youth club for students to develop their language skills outside of the classroom, supports are available for students wishing to continue studies from their home schools and cultural and activity-based trips are included as part of the stay.

We aim that our Programme while improving your students’ English skills will bring the benefits of a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and self-motivation.

Our package is unique and student focused. Just download our brochure to see why you must choose us!
We have so much on offer, adventures await you!


During Easter and Summer, we run short immersion stays for students not yet ready to leave home long term.

One and Two-Week Camps offer exciting activities and opportunities to develop conversational and written language skills. Our staff are experienced teachers utilising Cambridge English exams, games and projects as part of our program. All our teaching staff are primary and high school educators.

Our camps include Irish students who assist our teachers with activities and projects and keep the language skills progressing among peers.

Camps are very much activity based and include paddleboarding, tree top ziplining, horse-riding, kayaking and river adventures, island camp out and visits to tourist and cultural sites.

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School Term
Age range 12-17 years

Course Dates: August – June
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